No Reason to Oppose SB 1057?

A news release dated January 28 by the Salt River Wild Horse Darting Group says the only reason to disagree with the bill, which calls for humane management of the beloved Alpine herd, a euphemism for inhibiting the mares with their favorite pesticide, would be if you enjoy seeing wild horses go to slaughter.

Sorry, but here are ten reasons why we oppose your stupid ideas:

  • Barren mares
  • Confused stallions
  • Increasing death rates
  • Shrinking herds
  • Injuries and infections
  • Abnormal sex ratios
  • Massive human involvement
  • Disruption of natural order
  • Sterility
  • Subordination to livestock

All of these are attributable to the Montana Solution.

As for the full range of wild behaviors in a natural setting, forget it.

The advocates care far more about their standing with the bureaucrats and ranchers than they do about the horses.

Their long-term goal is to be leaders in the wild horse removal industry.

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For Your Beloved Ants and Roaches 10-08-22

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