Resource Needed

A site is needed to help the advocates manage their decline into oblivion.

They’re wrong about almost everything in the wild horse world.

Most of their ideas help the cattlemen, not the horses.

Protect Wild Horses from Advocates 08-29-21

They’d never recommend their darting programs for privately owned livestock, only the animals they claim to protect.

Of immediate need is professional counseling, with tips and advice leading to the acknowledgment of their errors, including the solicitation of money under false pretenses and their desire to be respected by the bureaucrats and ranchers, not you.

History of Wild Horse and Burro Program 12-01-22

Instead of bucking the long-term trend in resource management, indicated by the chart above, they go along with it.

One of their leaders spilled the beans last year with this remark: “You need to manage the numbers to fit what’s available for the horses.”

Are they defeatists or what?

You can have your wild horse and burro program as long as it doesn’t interfere with the grazing program.

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