Foal-Free Friday, Auld Lang Syne Edition

The year saw some of the stupidest ideas yet from the advocates.

In the legislative arena, three bills come to mind:

All three died in committee, thankfully.  But they speak volumes about those who supported them.

Regarding their important work, the advocates came up with these profound ideas:

  • If we get rid of them, they can stay
  • We’re protecting them from removal by getting rid of them with PZP
  • If we don’t get rid of them, the BLM will
  • We’re changing the way wild horse herds are managed, not their land
  • We have a better way (to get rid of wild horses)
  • You have to manage the numbers to fit what’s available for the horses

It’s getting harder and harder to distinguish them from the tools of their trade.

Give them the boot in 2023.

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