Foal-Free Friday, Christmas Wish Edition

Advocates with the Salt River Wild Horse Darting Group, an affiliate of the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses, believe every wild horse herd should have a humane management program like theirs.

SRWHDG Christmas Wish 12-21-22

That means they want every herd cut down to size (with the Montana Solution).

Western Horse Watchers knows what you’re thinking: They sound like the bureaucrats and ranchers!

That’s because they’re in bed with the bureaucrats and ranchers.

Let’s take a look at what they’re offering:

  • Barren mares
  • Confused stallions
  • Shrinking herds
  • Injuries and infections
  • Abnormal sex ratios
  • Increasing death rates
  • Massive human involvement
  • Disruption of natural order
  • Acclimation to people
  • Sterility

Whenever you see a reference to cruel and costly roundups, humane management, keep them wild and free, or help us protect our cherished/beloved/innocent wild horses, you know you’re being swindled.

Don’t give them a penny.

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Working Together for a Horse-Free Future 12-21-22

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