FY 2023 Omnibus Going Through Enrollment Process

That’s the current status according to a story posted this morning by The Hill.

Enrollment is an administrative step that verifies the accuracy of bill texts, confirms House and Senate actions and prepares the measure for delivery to the President.

A bill must pass both chambers in identical form before it can be printed and sent to the President.

As for the Omnibus, you know it’s bad for the country because liberals support it.

Similarly, you know an idea is bad for wild horses if the advocates endorse it.

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Sand Wash Advocates 01-17-22

2 thoughts on “FY 2023 Omnibus Going Through Enrollment Process

  1. I hope someday you’ll post all of the wonderful qualities and virtues within the Republican Party and what they’ve done for average Americans, democracy and the planet. A list of all the vote tallies would be helpful too. Like the ones where en masse Republicans voted against lowering the cost of insulin, baby formula, oil and gas price gouging, veterans benefits, an active shooter alert system, fighting domestic terrorism, domestic violence, background checks, raising the minimum wage, equal pay for women, fixing the immigration system, and on and on.

  2. For those who take the time to actually read Wild Horse Education’s posts would know that they stand alone against “the fertility control fix” for wild horses. What they have been fighting hard for are Herd Management Area Plans that would provide protections for the wild herds AND the land they live on. Management must come first! They are the only wild horse advocates who came out against the current spending bill which for our wild one results in more of the same – destruction of the range and more roundups.

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