Lone Stallion of California’s White Mountains Passes On

His remains were discovered by a hiker and confirmed by a Forest Service biologist, according to a story by The San Diego Union-Tribune, after his final summer in the meadows near Campito Mountain.

He was 31.

Wild herds are not uncommon in the area, but he kept to himself.

He was born in the Buckhorn HMA, captured in 1995 and adopted in 1996.

Details after that are not clear, including the date of separation from his forever home near Susanville.

Buckhorn HMA Map 12-11-22

A biologist with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife said he had been part of a High Sierra pack string but escaped during a trek into the high country.

Nobody knows where he went to survive the harsh winters.

The elevation of Campito Mountain, shown by the marker on the Western Watersheds map, is 11,570 feet.

White Mountains Map 12-11-22

The nearest HMAs are Montgomery Pass, Fish Lake Valley and Piper Mountain.

The Ancient Bristlecone Scenic Byway passes to the east.

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