Advocates Say Currituck Herd Spends Most of Its Time Eating

That’s probably not a surprise to many in the wild horse world but a statement last week on socialist media, reported yesterday by The News & Observer of Raliegh, NC, might raise a few eyebrows:

“This time of year, the herd spends 89% of the day, or 16-plus hours, fattening up for winter.”

If 89% of the day corresponds to 16 hours, then a day spans just 18 hours, not 24.

Maybe it’s a typo—or an undocumented effect of global warming.

The story also indicated that the horses poop 1.5% of the time, with travel and rest occupying 10.5% and 12.5% of their day, respectively.

Western Horse Watchers thought they spent 98% of their time hiding from the advocates, who have been targeting the mares with their favorite pesticide.

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