MHF Coordinator Set Right by Public-Lands Rancher

Ann Souders, Community Engagement Coordinator for the Mustang Heritage Foundation, initially was a vocal opponent of wild horse adoption. according to a story by Cowboy State Daily but changed her mind after speaking with Wyoming horse expert Ken McNabb and is now focused on raising awareness, providing education and increasing the placement of wild horses and burros into private care.

Not mentioned in the report is McNabb’s side hustle: Running cattle on Himes Group, a BLM allotment managed by the Cody Field Office.

Himes Group Allotment Map 12-05-22

The Allotment Master Report puts it in the Improve category, with McNabb receiving 73 AUMs per year.

The Authorization Use Report shows 37 head allowed on public lands from mid-April to mid-June.

It’s a small operation but that does not absolve him from conflicts of interest when handing out advice about wild horses.

The aim of MHF is to increase the number of successful adoptions and placements into private care, through programs such as EMM and TIP, not to raise awareness about the mismanagement of resources in areas set aside for wild horses.

Mismanagement of Resources in Wild Horse Areas 12-05-22

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