WARNING: The Advocates Don’t Have a Better Way

This result appeared today in a Google search, presumably a paid ad for wild horse removal services.

CAAWH Ad on Google 11-26-22

The Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses, its affiliates, offshoots and supporters, want the horses gone as much as the bureaucrats and ranchers, but they want it done with their favorite pesticide.

They’re pointing to the Virginia Range as a model of wild horse management, when in reality the herd is at the brink of destruction unless the darting program, now in its fourth year, is halted immediately.

The Nevada State Director told KUNR Radio that you need to manage the numbers to fit what’s available for the horses, a clear sign of capitulation to the ranching agenda.

Love Triangle Long-Term Plan 11-26-22

Whenever you see a reference to humane management or cherished/beloved/innocent wild horses, you know you’re being swindled.

Keep that in mind on Giving Tuesday.

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For Your Innocent Ants and Roaches 10-23-22

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