The Trials and Tribulations of the Advocates

The November edition of Horse Tales has been published, including a column about the Montana Solution by the real estate agent and PZP darter in the Minden/Gardnerville area.

The listings are on the back page.

The front page has three photos of the Pine Nut horses.

The first thing you notice is not the backdrop, which is magnificent, but the absence of youngsters.  This is the handiwork of the advocates.

The theme of the article, starting on page four, is “If we get rid of them, the BLM won’t have to.”

The ad at the bottom of page nine shows how you can support their mission, which is to ensure the public-lands ranchers can access most of the forage in an area set aside for wild horses, as specified by the bureaucrats in the land-use plans.

New Pine Nut Calendar 11-19-22

“The birth control vaccine,” which is is actually a restricted-use pesticide, “is not available to the general public.”

“Every darter must be certified by the Science and Conservation Center,” the Billings School of PZP Darting.

“There will always be opposition to any program, so it is essential you understand the vaccine, how it is created, the costs and protocol.”  Yeah, some of us want the horses to succeed, not the ranchers.

“It is important you understand it well enough to be able to explain it to concerned people who believe we should leave nature alone,” which means you also need training in lying to the public, which the advocates will provide.

The remainder of the article considers the almost insurmountable difficulties facing the advocates in on-range management of wild horses: Stalking them in rough terrain, identifying the right mares and obtaining good shot placement.  Any errors and (OMG) they might get pregnant.

Crime in the Wild Horse World 05-26-22

Imagine hiking a quarter mile up a hill and aiming your trusted darting rifle, when an off-road vehicle or motorcycle zooms by, scaring the band off at a full gallop!

“But the public lands must be shared with everyone, and everyone has a right to be there,” including privately owned livestock, which she consistently fails to mention.

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