Big Summit Roundup Delayed as Forest Service Builds New Corrals

The BLM off-range corrals at Hines don’t have room for horses removed from the WHT, according to a story posted yesterday by The Bulletin of Bend, OR, so the Forest Service will build one at the former headquarters of the Crooked River National Grassland.

The facility will have a capacity of 35 animals and is expected to cost $3 million.

The NEPA review will likely consist of a categorical exclusion, which minimizes public involvement and avoids an environmental assessment.

The article said that feed costs are expected to be $7 per horse per day, which means the government will collect $16.20 per year in grazing fees from ranching activity inside the WHT, while it spends $2,555 per year to care for every wild horse displaced thereby,

Would you say that’s a wise use of the public lands?

The WHT lies mostly within the Reservoir Allotment, which has been designated for privately owned sheep.

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Big Summit WHT Map 11-19-22

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