Foal-Free Friday, Coming to Your Senses Edition

The decision earlier this year by the Corolla Wild Horse Fund to stop darting the Currituck mares, due to an aging population and questions about the long-term effects of PZP on their reproductive systems, shows that one group, at least, may be rejecting the propaganda of the big-name advocacy groups.

Did they cut ties completely?

Doesn’t look like it.  Their herd management page, which describes the darting program, still has links to other organizations, including two of the signatories to the ill-advised Path Forward, and American Wild Horse Preservation, which many know today as the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses.

CWHF Member Groups 11-17-22

Volunteers with CAAWH have been pummeling the Virginia Range mares with their favorite pesticide for four years and some may be nearing sterility.  All in a day’s work for the monster in Davis.

They treat their cherished horses the way you treat your cherished ants and roaches.

As for the Path Forward, the advocates have picked through the plan and pulled out the best part—the Montana Solution—which they now claim is the path forward for America’s wild horses.

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For Your Cherished Ants and Roaches 08-30-22

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