Foal-Free Friday, Choosing Your Own Poison Edition

The advocates, eager to dominate the wild horse removal business, generally don’t support the use of GonaCon Equine, which may act as a sterilant.

As noted by the Wild Beauty Foundation, the product can be irreversible, sterilize wild horses completely and has been proven to shrivel the ovaries of wild mares.

The Montana Solution, favored by most of the advocates, including the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses, its affiliates and offshoots, accomplishes the same thing in as little as four years, but these charlatans have invested so much in its promotion they’ll never admit their errors.

PZP Dangers 10-21-22

You only have to look at Assateague Island, where the pesticide was applied for over twenty years, to see the destruction.

The advocates are now trying to ruin the herds on the Virginia Range and Salt River, among others.

Meanwhile, the search for a better poison goes on.

These “vaccines” don’t prevent illness, they cause it, and are probably more harmful in the long run than the “cruel and costly” helicopter roundups they seek to replace.

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