Draft EA for Fertility Control Research Out for Review

The scoping period began last November, sort of, with a solicitation for research proposals on fertility control and climate change involving wild horses and burros.

A driver of the research is the desire to reduce the number of animals that must be gathered and removed from the range, according to Section 1.2 of the EA, which is misleading.

The goal is to identify new ways of taking them off the range, given historical and current logistical constraints and funding levels that limit removals with traditional methods.

The Proposed Action includes an Oocyte Growth Factor vaccine study, a SpayVac study and an IUD study, as explained in Section 2.2.2.

The EA was posted with other project documents.

Comments will be accepted through August 22.

You can have your wild horse and burro program as long as it doesn’t interfere with the grazing program.

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Pancake Gather Plan

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