Wild Horse and Burro Research Initiative Announced

Development of safe, effective and longer-lasting fertility control methods is at the top of the list, along with the impact of climate change, according to today’s news release.

The research will support goals in a new Wild Horse and Burro Strategic Research Plan, which identifies topics that are the highest priority for improving BLM’s management of these “highly valued animals.”

No need to waste money on the second item, man-made global warming doesn’t exist.

As for the first item, is it consistent with the idea of highly valued animals?

In a statement following his arrest, a man who beat his wife, pushed her down the stairs and left her stranded on the edge of the road said he loves her.

Do you believe him?

If the bureaucrats take away almost half of their land and manage it principally for livestock, assign 85% of the food on the remainder to privately owned cattle and sheep, and use population suppression to keep the resource scales tipped indefinitely in favor of the ranchers, would you say they’re talking about highly valued animals?

Of course not.  You know them by their works, not by their words.

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