Life at Wind River Wild Horse Sanctuary (Off-Range Pasture)

The BLM Facility Report refers to it as “Lander,” with a capacity of 225 horses, one of four long-term pastures open to the public.

Unadopted and unadoptable horses, most of whom were removed from their lawful homes in favor of privately owned livestock, are sent there to die.

The Wind River Sanctuary was established in 2016 on the 900-acre Double D Ranch near Lander, WY.  Tours are available by appointment.

Contrary to remarks in the video, overpopulation means more horses than allowed by plan, not necessarily more horses than the land can support.

At the North Lander Complex, not far from the sanctuary, livestock receive over seven times more forage than the horses.

The four HMAs in the Complex can support four thousand more horses than the BLM allows, to be achieved by confining the ranchers to their base properties in a year-round off-season and expecting them to pay the going rate to feed their animals.

The film includes footage from the McCullough Peaks HMA, where a similar situation exists, but the advocates are going after the horses with their favorite pesticide, referred to on these pages as the Montana Solution.

The problem is resource management, not humane management.

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