McCullough Advocates Protect Livestock Not Wild Horses

Livestock on the McCullough Peaks HMA, an area set aside for wild horses, receive 3.6 times more forage than the horses, at least in theory.

As the herd grows, the horses reclaim more and more of their food from the ranchers, upsetting the thriving ecological imbalance established by the bureaucrats.

Advocates with Friends of a Legacy, eager to please the bureaucrats and ranchers, have the answer: Get rid of excess horses with the Montana Solution, so cattle can access 78% of the authorized forage in the lawful home of wild horses.

Their partnership with the BLM works through honesty and communication, according to a BLM news release, except the horses have been cheated by the bureaucrats, donors have been duped by the advocates and the ranchers are laughing all the way to the bank.

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Trajectory of Wildh Horse Fertility Control Program 04-11-21

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