McCullough Fundraiser Benefits Ranchers Not Horses

The event will be held on September 17 at the Cody Holiday Inn according to an article posted yesterday by the Cody Enterprise.

The advocates at FOAL protect the horses from removal by getting rid of them with PZP.

FOAL Mixing PZP 01-18-22

A representative interviewed for the story said “The [darting] program keeps the herd at a sustainable level to minimize the need for roundups that are costly and also disrupt the family units and social structure within the herd,” exactly what they’re doing!

Livestock in the HMA receive 3.6 times more forage than the horses.

The BLM collects an estimated $8,230 per year in grazing fees from ranching activity inside the HMA while it spends $927,100 per year to care for the 508 wild horses displaced thereby.

That’s what the advocates are trying to protect.

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