Canyonlands EA Out for Review

The project folders have been populated with maps and documents.

Comments on the Draft EA will be accepted through November 30.

The Proposed Action features removal of excess burros through one or more roundups, population suppression using PZP or GonaCon-Equine and IUDs, and GPS tracking of animals over a ten-year period, as discussed in Section 2.2.1 of the EA.

The HMA covers 89,392 acres in eastern Utah and the 100 burros allowed by plan require 600 AUMs per year,

The equivalent stocking rate is 0.6 wild horses per thousand acres, slightly more than half of the target rate across all HMAs.

The current population is thought to be 151, as shown in Table 2.1.

The HMA intersects two grazing allotments, not mentioned in the BLM news release.

About 70% of the HMA falls within Robbers Roost, with a tiny fraction in Saucer Basin, according to the Western Watersheds map.

Table 3.1 does not provide the percentages of the allotments inside the HMA, so the forage assigned to livestock and the number of burros displaced from their lawful home by permitted grazing are not known at this time.

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Canyonlands HMA Map 06-01-22

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