Resource Enforcement Actions Coming to Canyonlands HMA?

A new project was created in ePlanning but only a map was posted for public review.

The HMA covers about 90,000 acres in southeastern Utah and the 100 burros allowed by plan require 600 AUMs per year.

Canyonlands HMA Map 06-01-22

The HMA intersects two allotments according to the Western Watersheds map, a small portion of Saucer Basin to the north and a larger portion of Robbers Roost in the south.

The Proposed Action would likely keep the pests in check so the ranchers could enjoy more of what their allotments have to offer.

The arrangement suggests an appreciable amount of dietary overlap between livestock and burros.  If that was not true, there’d be little if any grazing inside the HMA and the burros would probably not survive outside the HMA.

The same could be said for areas identified for wild horses.

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