Jackson Mountains HMA Has No HMAP!

Is that why livestock receive almost three times more forage than the horses?

The BLM has determined that excess horses are present, removal is necessary and growth rates must be suppressed to achieve a thriving ecological balance in the HMA.

An HMAP would reiterate, ratify and reinforce existing management practices that put ranching interests far above those of the horses.

The AML, which is small relative to the available forage, would carry over into the new plan, the HMA would be managed primarily for livestock, as it is now, and enforcement actions, such as those mentioned above, would be implemented to ensure the herd can’t consume more than its fair share of the food and water.

Refer to the final paragraph in Section 1.4 of the Final EA.

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Thriving Ecological Balance-3

One thought on “Jackson Mountains HMA Has No HMAP!

  1. HMAPs do not amend or change grazing allotments. The administration of grazing allotments is governed by FLPMA and other laws and regulations, particularly under 43 CFR 4100.

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