Managing the Numbers to Fit What’s Available for the Horses

As noted previously, privately owned livestock in the Stone Cabin HMA, the lawful home of wild horses, receive 3.3 times more forage than the horses.

A statement at the end of Section 1.1 in the Draft EA for resource enforcement actions in the Stone Cabin Complex says the AML of 364 must not be exceeded to achieve progress toward standards for rangeland health established by the Mojave-Southern Great Basin RAC.
Stone Cabin Forage Allocations 10-30-22

The current horse population is 651.

Permitted grazing is equivalent to 1,192 wild horses.

Reducing livestock would take more pressure off the land and have a greater effect in achieving the stangards.

Perhaps the statement is a ploy to protect ranching interests at the expense of wild horses?

If you put the question to the advocates, they will defend the bureaucrats and ranchers, arguing that excess animals (of which there are none) should be removed with the Montana Solution, not helicopters.

“We’re changing the way wild horse herds are managed, not their land.”

Seems like they’re not playing for the home team.

Ever notice that?

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