High Strike Period Coming to Virginia Range?

The advocates are warning of more vehicle collisions with wild horses between now and the end of the year, according to a report dated October 26 by Reno News and Review.

Last year, 17 animals were lost in south Reno, where development encroaches on their habitat.  Four such incidents have occurred in 2022.

Tracy “You need to manage the numbers to fit what’s available for the horses” Wilson, defeatist and Nevada state director for the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses, said the arrival of winter will see more crashes and horse deaths as the rangeland dries up and the bands forage over a wider area.

Not mentioned in the story:

  • The area in question represents a small part of the Virginia Range
  • The advocates target horses across the entire 300,000 acres
  • The number of horses hit by cars is tiny compared to those lost to CAAWH
  • The advocates are silent about herd demographics and changes year over year
  • Their #1 goal is to win the approval of the bureaucrats and ranchers
  • They intend to be leaders in the wild horse removal industry

The safe, proven and reversible darting program, now in its fourth year, has put many of the mares at risk of sterility, which means the herd may be lost forever.

As for the “high strike period,” it actually runs twelve months per year, allowing four of the advocates to achieve over 1,000 hits apiece.

Standing Up for Wild Horses on Virginia Range 06-18-22

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