How Many Wild Horses and Burros in Off-Range Holding?

The Facility Report posted with other WHBAB meeting materials indicates 63,922 as of September 2022, compared to 56,676 in October 2021.

The on-range population was thought to be 82,384 on March 1, before peak foaling season and numerous roundups, according to the HMA Report.

The advocates have a solution—a better way as they describe it: Stop reproduction, let the herds die off, give most of the resources to the public-lands ranchers.

“We’re changing the way wild horse herds are managed, not their land.”

Pancake Gather Plan

2 thoughts on “How Many Wild Horses and Burros in Off-Range Holding?

  1. That report also DID NOT include the well over 2,000 horses (removed from Checkerboard /Rock Springs HMA’s during October 2021 roundup) that are at the mustang off-range holding in Wyoming, the Wheatland Off Range Holding Facility. Why didn’t they include that? There is still signs of the strangles virus present, so almost one year after they’d been rounded up and stored there, no adoptions have been made available due to ongoing illness with the horses.
    Also, 250 foals have been born there since being sentenced to that feedlot. No adoptions being offered for even the healthy horses standing around there—geldings, mares and foals should be offered for adoption now.
    There is no mention of that facility or update on the sickness or what the status is.

  2. Given ~64K in holding(9/22) & ~57K in holding(10/21) … this is only a difference of 7K …

    Gather reports from the accelerated 2022 gather schedule called for gathering many more than 7K …?

    What am i missing?

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