Foal-Free Friday, the Advocates Have a Better Way Edition

A story by KLAS News about the Calico roundup concludes with this remark:

The BLM says the ranges can’t support the animals, citing deteriorating health conditions in the herds.  Wild horse advocates counter that the horses are removed to make room for commercial livestock that grazes on the same land.

This is not correct.  The advocates want the horses removed to make room for commercial livestock and they have a better way of doing it.

Consider these two scenarios for wild horse removal:

Method A

  • Initial population – 440
  • Final population – 250

Method B

  • Initial population – 440
  • Final population – 250

Which one corresponds to a cruel and costly helicopter roundup and which one was carried out with proven fertility control?

Method A, the Montana Solution, is the best choice because the horses were protected from removal.

Method B, a deadly helicopter roundup, is unacceptable because the horses were taken off the range by force.

This is what the advocates are selling!  They have nothing to offer America’s wild horses except continuation of their misery.

What’s their top priority?  To be loved and respected by the bureaucrats and ranchers.

As for you, they care mostly about your money.

As for the horses, they couldn’t care less.

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Advocates are the Predators 11-30-21

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