What Are Cherished Wild Horses and Burros?

Think of a man who beats his wife but refers to her in public as his soulmate and loving spouse.

His words don’t match his deeds.

This is standard practice for the advocates.

“We’re protecting our cherished wild horses from removal.”

Nonsense!  You’re getting rid of them with PZP, an EPA-registered pesticide, and you admit it!

They think you’re dumber than a bag of hammers and won’t realize that they’re actually protecting the public-lands ranchers, as they separate you from your money to continue their important work.

File under: Charlatans.

For Your Cherished Ants and Roaches 08-30-22

One thought on “What Are Cherished Wild Horses and Burros?

  1. Some may feel more comfortable with the thought that the scapegoating of WHBs is just a part of a general tragedy, which in turn should teach us a general, universal lesson about mankind, about power and what human beings and their governments are unfortunately capable of inflicting on otherwise defenseless creatures.

    There is also a certain refusal to acknowledge that this treatment of WHBs constitutes a crime in itself, committed particularly against the WHBs.

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