Marietta Decision Announced?

Yesterday’s news release said the final environmental assessment, finding of no significant impact and decision record were posted to the project folder for review, but Western Horse Watchers was unable to find the DR.

A keyword search of the BLM news site for Marietta yielded a notification dated April 15 for the scoping period but no announcement for the comment period on the preliminary EA, which was posted with other supporting documents on July 22.

A letter was apprently sent to interested parties but the public was kept out of the loop.

The Proposed Action features removal of excess burros, removal of all wild horses, sex ratio skewing and population control measures such as PZP and GonaCon, over a ten-year period, according to Section 2.2.2 of the EA, but Western Horse Watchers does not know if it will be implemented in whole, in part or not at all.

The current population is thought to be around 500 burros and 50 horses, as discussed on page 13 in the pdf.

The WBR has an AML of 104 wild burros and zero wild horses.

It is not subject to permitted grazing.

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Marietta WBR Map 04-07-22

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