BLM, Media Feed Public Steady Diet of Disinformation

A BLM spokesman told The Grand Island Independent in a story about wild horse adoption at Husker Harvest Days that the herds are growing at a rate of 20% per year.

The article also indicated that climate change has reduced the carrying capacity of the land.

Anybody who reads these pages knows that birth rates of 25%, needed for growth rates of 20%, are rarely seen in roundup data.

For example, the blitzkrieg at South Steens, which took wild horses off the range at an average rate of 175 per day, yielded 19% foals in 525 horses captured.

The operation was so productive that the BLM decided to extend it by 50%.

Followers of this blog also know that permitted grazing has sharply reduced the carrying capacity of public lands, not man-made climate change, which is a hoax.

True AMLs often exceed current AMLs by a factor of four of five because the horses receive just fifteen to twenty percent of the authorized forage, neglecting wildlife.

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