Wild vs Feral: You Can’t Reason with an Idealogue

Refer to this opinion piece dated September 11 by Rod Miller, columnist for Cowboy State Daily, a reader response dated September 13 by Ross MacPhee of the American Museum of Natural History and this angry retort dated September 13 by Miller.

Why would Miller care about “horses that are munching our public grass?”

His bio says he was raised on the ID Ranch north of Rawlins, WY and has spent half his adult life working on and managing ranches in the West.

One thought on “Wild vs Feral: You Can’t Reason with an Idealogue

  1. What an prat Mr. Williams sounds eschewing the entire indigenous nation’s thought and oral history. Does he know how infantile he sounds? And, arguing a point with one whose work is his passion(MacPhee) and who probably has forgotten more than Mr. Miller knows. I thought Miller was idiot when I read his original article, but now I’m sure.

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