Barren Valley, Indeed

The Alvord Allotment, subject of a grazing permit renewal, lies mostly within the Coyote Lake HMA, as previously noted.

Coyote Lake is one of three HMAs in the Barren Valley Complex of eastern Oregon.

Barren Valley Complex Map 09-11-22

All three are subject to permitted grazing, which means the government is spending 113 times more to care for wild horses displaced by privately owned livestock than it collects in fees from ranching activity inside the HMAs.

For every 12 AUMs per year assigned to livestock inside an HMA, enough to support one wild horse, the BLM collects 12 × 1.35 = $16.20 per year.

The agency spends 1 × 5 × 365 = $1,825 per year to care for a horse removed from his lawful home in favor of a cow/calf pair, assuming he was placed in short-term holding.

The ratio is 1,825 ÷ 16.20 = 112.7.

This is a scam on American taxpayers.

The HMAs are also subject to darting programs of unspecified type, according to the latest roundup and fertility control schedule.

By driving birth rates downward, the advocates protect the ranchers and keep the gravy train rolling.

Would you be surprised if the field workers were ranchers or ranching sympathizers?

The organizers of the effort were not listed in the schedule.

In a news release last month for new grant opportunities, the BLM thanked High Desert Strategies for 150 barren mares on public lands in eastern Oregon.

Western Horse Watchers has been unable to their home page, but they may have a presence on socialist media.

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