Alvord Permit Renewal Out for Review, Again

A decision rendered earlier this year was vacated in July as a result of appeals submitted by several conservation groups and the project was sent back to the BLM for revision.

A news release from two of the groups circulated at the time.

On September 2, the BLM copied the updated EA to the project folder, along with two other documents, for public review.

The comment period runs through September 17, according to a BLM news release dated September 6.

Some of the details in Section 1.1 of the New EA are a bit confusing and Western Horse Watchers has sent an email to the BLM rep seeking clarification.

The Proposed Action, discussed in Section 2.3 of the EA, would increase the active AUMs in the Alvord Allotment from 7,355 to 9,247 per year.

Most of the increase, about 88%, would occur in the Desert #6 pasture, which lies within the Coyote Lake-Alvord-Tule Springs HMA.  Refer to Table 8 and Map 3.

Alvord Allotment Map 09-08-22

The incremental forage, 1,670 AUMs per year, would support 139 wild horses, on top of the 390 horses currently allowed by plan.

The BLM will collect an additional $2,255 per year in grazing fees if the suspended AUMs in Desert #6 are moved into active status, while it spends $253,675 per year to care for 139 horses in off-range holding that could be returned to the HMA.

Would you say that the Proposed Action constitutes a wise use of the public lands?

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