Twin Peaks Roundup Ends

The incident concluded on August 15, according to a statement at the gather page, with 2,111 horses captured, 2,075 shipped, 27 released and 31 dead.

More horses were processed than captured.

The totals, based on the daily reports, were 2,111 horses captured, 2,076 shipped, none released and 31 dead, leaving four unaccounted-for animals.

The death rate was 1.5%.

The operation also took 339 burros off the HMA, according to the gather page, with 339 shipped, one released and none dead.

More burros were processed than captured.

The totals, based on the daily reports, were 339 burros captured, 236 shipped, none released and no deaths, with 103 unaccounted-for animals.

The unaccounted-for burros likely correspond to those gathered on August 11, when no shipments were reported.

Foals represented 16.6% of the horses gathered and 10.6% of the burros, considerably less than the 25% needed for herd growth rates of 20% per year.

Data quality was poor.

The capture goal for horses increased from 1,978 to 2,106 on August 8.

The removal goal increased from 1,868 to 1,996.

The capture and removal goals for burros were unchanged at 339.

A CBS film crew documented the action on July 26.

The BLM news release, posted today, omits most of these details.

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