Twin Peaks Roundup Announced

The incident will begin on July 23, according to the BLM news release, with a capture goal of 2,000 wild horses and 339 wild burros.  The removal goal is 1,800 and 339.

Up to 110 mares with be treated with fertility control and returned to the HMA.

Helicopters will push the animals into the traps and operations will be open to public observation.

The HMA covers 758,128 acres on the California-Nevada border and is managed for horses and burros.  The AMLs are 758 and 116, respectively.

The combined AML expressed in horses only would be 817 and the stocking rate allowed by plan would be 1.1 wild horses per thousand acres.

The current population, thought to be approximately 3,300 horses and 400 burros, is equivalent to 3,500 horses.Twin Peaks HMA Map 07-19-22

The HMA is subject to permitted grazing and livestock receive and estimated 27,178 AUMs per year, 2.8 times more than the horses and burros.

Captured animals will be taken to the off-range corrals in Litchfield, CA, Palomino Valley, NV and Bruneau, ID.

A link to gather stats and daily reports was not provided.

The roundup appears on the latest schedule.

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