Foal Rescued from Mud at Beatys Butte HMA

A WHB Specialist with the BLM Lakeview District pulled him out with a rope after his mom ran up to her truck then back to a ridge several times, according to a report by KTVL News of Medford, OR.

The incident could have been avoided by an aggressive darting program, which the advocates would be eager to provide, aided by safe and efficient helicopter roundups.

The HMA is in southern Oregon and lies within the Beaty Butte Allotment.

The AML is small relative to the available resources, with livestock receiving six times more forage than the horses.

The government collects around $25,000 per year in grazing fees from ranching activity inside the HMA while it spends about $2.9 million per year to care for the 1,583 horses displaced thereby.

Would you say that permitted grazing is a wise use of the public lands?

Are the advocates protecting the horses or the ranchers?

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