Blue Wing Roundup in Progress

The incident started yesterday, according to the gather page, with 174 horses gathered, none shipped and one death.

The deceased jenny was not included in the capture total.

The Blue Wing – Seven Troughs Allotment, which contains the five HMAs affected by the roundup, offers 20,316 active AUMs on 1,192,778 public acres.

The government will collect $27,427 per year in grazing fees from the permittees while it spends $3,089,725 per year to care for the 1,693 wild horses the allotment—that’s right, allotment—would support.

Would you say that permitted grazing is a wise use of the public lands?

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UPDATE: Only burros were captured on Day 1, 62 jacks, 88 jennies and 24 foals.

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