Hunters Amused by Advocates

Refer to this post on HuntTalk, a message board for outdoorsmen.

The original piece was probably written by the real estate agent and PZP darter in the Minden/Gardnerville area.

“You MUST want to protect wild horses and be a team player.”

Stories by the Pine Nut advocates are occasionally featured these pages, along with the appropriate commentary, such as the June 24 edition of Foal-Free Friday.

Frauds of the Wild Horse World 07-08-22

One thought on “Hunters Amused by Advocates

  1. Click to access memo_h.r._2591_02.15.18.pdf

    USE of these funds for rewilding nongame wild equids as native American special status species, and distinct populations segment RESOURCES. Amend the Resource Management plans to include sufficient habitat for a PROTECTED species whose existence is threatened by the very agencies who are mandated to PROTECT WILDLIFE ON PUBLIC LANDS.

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