Bible Springs Decision Released

The Decision Record, signed on July 7, authorizes the Proposed Action, which features removals of excess animals to low AML as quickly as possible, population suppression using PZP or GonaCon, IUDs, manipulation of sex ratios, and monitoring of herds with GPS tracking devices.  Refer to Section 2.2.1 in the Final EA.

A roundup is not imminent but at least 750 wild horses will need to be removed from state, private and BLM-managed public lands in and around the Complex to ensure a healthy landscape, according to the news release.

The new resource enforcement plan, effective immediately, has a ten-year life.

The Complex intersects 16 grazing allotments.

Three HMAs and one HA are affected.

The DR and EA were posted with other project documents.

RELATED: Draft EA for Bible Springs Complex Out for Review.

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