Coalition Goes Public with Rock Springs RMP Protest

The leader in the wild horse removal business—next to the federal contractors—has joined forces with the Animal Welfare Institute and two other advocates in opposing the Rock Springs RMP Amendments announced on May 6, according to their news release.

The complaint, submitted on June 6, the final day of the protest period, criticizes the plan which will reduce the wild horse population by sixty to seventy percent, exactly what Plaintiff #1 is doing on the Virginia Range!

A keyword search of the document yielded 58 instances of “PZP.”

As predicted, these steadfast opponents of helicopter roundups now support them because they are part of the catch-treat-release protocols solicited by the BLM last month for delivery of the pesticide!  Refer to paragraph VI.A.1.b.

They have no convictions.

Nothing gets better for the horses until these frauds are out of the picture.

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