Uvalde Aftermath: Abortion Still #1 Killer of Children

Would the one-horse pony travel to Texas if the victims were white?

As expected, liberals are using the incident to further their political agenda, which has always included the separation of you from your guns, as seen today on Drudge.

Uvalde Aftermath on Drudge 05-30-22

They want you subjugated to an all-powerful centralized government, the antithesis of the American founding.  And they’re willing to destroy the economy and your standard of living to achieve it.

If you won’t go along with their plan they’ll call you a racist, homophobe, misogynist or other pejorative.  That’s how they get their commie-pinko-fag candidates into office.

You fall for the ploy because you do not know Truth.

Pay no attention to their propaganda and never give up your guns.

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