Giving Foals a Chance at Life

A woman in Eastern Washington rescues wild foals from reservations such as Yakama, Colville and White Swan, and places them into new homes, according to a report posted today by FOX13 News in Seattle.

She expects more horses to be turned loose due to rising hay prices.

Statements in the story that may pique your interest:

  • The foals have been separated from their family bands in Central and Eastern Washington, where officials said the wild horse population is growing too large
  • The Bureau of Land Management controls the population of wild horses on state land through sterilization injections
  • Babies are roped and hog-tied during roundups, and they can be left that way for a significant amount of time until they get back to a trailer
  • Some orphans are purchased by horse traders who contact volunteers to rehabilitate them and when they get a home, they get their money

There are no HMAs or WHTs in Washington state.  What’s going on here?

Western Horse Watchers offers the following explanation, subject to further research:

Native peoples in Washington state are rounding up wild horses and shipping them to slaughter.  Pregnant mares drop their foals in feedlots while awaiting transfer.

The foals are rescued by non-profits that quietly carry out their work without pointing a finger at tribal leadership or their contractors.

If they were to speak publicly about the arrangement, the deal would be over and the foals would be lost because they have little or no value to the kill buyers.

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