SHOCKER: Rancher Proposes Changes That Benefit Ranchers

The idea is to move wild horses into remote wilderness areas not particularly suited to livestock grazing so ranchers can have all—not just some—of the food and water in their congressionally designated habitats.

3 thoughts on “SHOCKER: Rancher Proposes Changes That Benefit Ranchers

  1. I am disgusted – just absolutely disgusted with the ranching cartel- horses cannot voice their protection. They are native – private entities donot own our public lands . ranching degrades the west. the lying, money grubbing social welfare recipients are some of the richest families in the USA – they must be stopped now

  2. This is the best plan that I have seen for our wild horses, it does not shoot them up with PZP a product that is derived from a pesticide which will leave horses sterile. The cattle have already destroyed so much of the HUMS why not leave the rest of it for the cattle to destroy. The horses are protected by counties once transferred to the county the county owns them they cannot be touched, killed, rounded up or branded, this to me is a win-win situation the cattle companies get what they want and we get what we want wild horses free and roaming. There is plenty of food and water for them they will help mitigate any fires by eating the dry grass in the summer again a win-win situation. Please consider donating to this cause it’s well worth it.

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