Advocates Take Orphaned Foal from Virginia Range

His mom was hit by a car on May 5 according to a report by KOLO News of Reno.

A woman interviewed for the story, described as a volunteer with Wild Horse Connection, was listed as the Special Projects Coordinator for the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses in the slide deck for the May 16 meeting in Reno about safety issues related to the horses.

Removal of the mom/baby pair takes some pressure off the darting effort and brings the advocates another step closer to their goal of herd eradication.

One of the slides indicates that half of the foals born last year were lost to predators.

City of Reno VR Darting Program Update 05-21-22

However, most of the foals weren’t born, as the true predators deny life and thwart the turning over of the genetic soil with the Montana Solution.

They are as eager to take horses off the range as the bureaucrats and ranchers, whose approval they seek at all costs, while taking market share from the pilots and wranglers.

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