International Fertility Control Conference Next Week

The event is set for May 23 – 25 in Colorado Springs, CO.

The conference committee includes members from RTF and HSUS, signatories to the rancher-friendly “Path Forward.”

Look at the sponsors: BLM, HSUS, CAAWH, AWI, SCC, ASPCA, RTF.

The opening plenary features remarks about wild equid fertility control and stakeholder engagement by the Assistant Director of Resources and Planning at the BLM.

The agenda includes a session on Day 2 regarding the treatment of burros with PZP, probably on the Black Mountain HMA (now subject to a roundup).

The conference promises to create an environment that is inclusive, welcoming, supportive, collaborative and productive for all participants, and will cater to a community known for its moral depravity.

The Governor of Colorado, a filthy sodomite, will speak to the group on May 23.

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