Virginia Range Darting Program Dwarfs Losses at Cañon City

The numbers will likely go higher but the inmates and staff at a horse training facility in Colorado can’t match the damage inflicted on the herd by the advocates in Nevada.

As noted yesterday, the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses and its army of volunteers have pumped nearly 6,000 doses of PZP into the mares over the last three years, with somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000 lives denied over the same period.

A member of the CAAWH board told CBS News in a story yesterday that “If there weren’t roundups we wouldn’t have the consignment and we wouldn’t have this contagion so the bigger picture this could have been avoided,” a reference to the Montana Solution and the group’s raison d’être.

No more roundups, no more off-range holding and no more horses.

Move over Cañon City, the advocates will not be outdone.

RELATED: Death Toll Rising at Cañon City Off-Range Corrals.

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