Status of Allotments in American Prairie Grazing Decision

The Allotment Master Report provides acreage, active AUMs and management status for the seven allotments involved in the project.

The decision was announced last week in a BLM news release.

The figures in the report differ slightly from those in Table I of the Final EA.

American Prairie Allotment Calcs 04-03-22

Garey Coulee, French Coulee, Whiterock Coulee and Flat Creek will flip to bison if the decision is not overturned.  East Dry Fork will remain approved for cattle.

Five of the allotments are in the Improve category, including the two already approved for bison, representing 95.6% of the public acres.

Forage production on the seven allotments averages 128.2 AUMs per year per thousand acres, enough to support ten wild horses per thousand acres, as noted previously.

The allotments are found in four units managed by American Prairie: White Rock, Dry Fork, Sun Prairie and Sun Prairie North.

Dark blue corresponds to the base properties and light blue represents public lands with grazing privileges tied thereto.

American Prairie Land Map 04-03-22

The advocates travel to Billings to learn how to get rid of wild horses.

By going a little farther to the north, you can learn how to preserve them.

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