Advocates Protect Ranchers, Not Horses and Burros?

A visitor asked for information showing that some of the advocacy groups defer to cattle/mining interests at the expense of wild horses and burros.  Here is the reply:

Hi R.,

Data collection and number crunching are needed to show how the government manages areas set aside for wild horses and burros.

There are many such posts on the blog, here is a recent example:

How Many Wild Horses Can the North Lander Complex Support?

The government puts ranching interests far above those of the horses and burros.

AMLs typically correspond to 20% or less of the authorized forage.

Livestock receive three to six times more forage than the horses and burros.

The off-range corrals and pastures are flooded with animals displaced from their home range by permitted grazing.

In their desire to get rid of the horses with PZP, instead of helicopters, the advocates reinforce the status quo and protect the ranchers.

That’s how you know they’re frauds.

The problem is resource allocation, which is documented in the land-use plans.

As for drilling and mining, they affect anywhere from a few acres to a few thousand acres, but public-lands ranching devours entire HMAs and beyond.



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