Lots to Celebrate at Sulphur HMA, If You’re an Advocate

Here are some of the highlights:

  • No foals have been reported five days into the roundup
  • The herd is getting smaller, without the aid of helicopters
  • The death rate is probably increasing, as explained here
  • PZP and GonaCon will stabilize the birth rate, which appears to be zero
  • Livestock receive 77.4% of the authorized forage, neglecting wildlife
  • Around 850 horses have been displaced from the HMA by permitted grazing
  • The HMA has a herd management area plan (HMAP)

The advocates are pleased with these results.  The herd is well on its way to extinction, with benefits accruing to the public-lands ranchers.

This is what you’re supporting when you give them money.

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One thought on “Lots to Celebrate at Sulphur HMA, If You’re an Advocate

  1. There just doesn’t seem to be a plethora of advocate support for the multitude of laws that apply to the solution of sufficient habitat for distinct population segments of special status species as an ESA protected RESOURCE, or native American historic wild equids as a protected cultural Resource. The NEPA process provides for the amendment of fatally flawed Resource Management plans as BLM Tom Pogacnik explained to me with the promise to amend the southern California Southcoast Resource management plan and restore the now extinct Coyote Canyon herd. This was the last wild horse herd that originated from the Portola Expedition of 1769 and dispersed amongst the local tribes…We believe that Tom Pogacnik pilot project was sabotaged by BLM in Washington DC. Do advocates understand that by adopting a wild horse you diminish the gene pool, and if you get title to that animal BLM abdicates their responsibility, not by law but by color of law?

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