Sulphur Roundup Day 8

The incident began on February 8.  Gather stats through February 15:

  • Target: Horses
  • Type: Planned
  • Method: Helicopter
  • Captured: 377, up from 299 on Day 5
  • Average daily take: 47.1
  • Capture goal: 376
  • Removal goal: 326
  • Returned: 20, up from zero on Day 5
  • Deaths: 11, up from 7 on Day 5
  • Shipped: 308, up from 184 on Day 5

The capture goal has been achieved.

A stallion was euthanized on Day 6, followed by two more on Day 8.  A stallion died on Day 8 of a broken neck.  The death rate increased to 2.9%.

The cumulative total includes 180 stallions, 197 mares and no foals.

The absence of youngsters implies a negative growth rate.  The herd is getting smaller, without the aid of helicopters, which is what the advocates are trying to accomplish in other areas with the Montana Solution.  A growth rate of 20% per year is often used by land managers to predict herd sizes.

Of the adults, 47.7% were stallions and 52.3% were mares.

Body condition scores were not reported.

The location of the trap site within the HMA was not provided.

Twenty stallions were released on Day 8 to an undisclosed location.

Sulphur HMA Map 01-25-22

Day 8 ended with 38 unaccounted-for animals.

The number of horses removed to date is 357.

Mares returned to the HMA, which may correspond to the unaccounted-for animals, will be treated with PZP or GonaCon Equine.

Other statistics:

  • AML: 250
  • Forage assigned to horses: 3,000 AUMs per year
  • Pre-gather population: 600
  • Forage liberated to date: 4,284 AUMs per year
  • Water liberated to date: 3,570 gallons per day
  • Forage assigned to livestock: 10,256 AUMs per year (estimated)
  • Horses displaced from HMA by permitted grazing: 854
  • True AML: 1,104
  • Stocking rate at new AML: 4.8 wild horses per thousand public acres
  • Horses displaced from HMA by drilling and mining: Ask the advocates

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