New Resource Enforcement Plan for Cedar Mountain HMA?

A NEPA project appeared at ePlanning yesterday.  The caption in the documents section suggests it’s in the scoping phase.

No announcements could be found at the BLM news site.

The HMA covers 411,636 acres west of Salt Lake City.  The 390 horses allowed by plan require 4,680 AUMs per year.

The stocking rate allowed by plan is 0.9 horses per thousand acres, in line with the target rate across all HMAs of one wild horse per thousand acres.

The current population is thought to be 790.

Cedar Mountain HMA Map 01-29-22

The HMA intersects four grazing allotments according to the Western Watersheds map and appears to be 100% subject to permitted grazing.

The amount of forage assigned to livestock inside the HMA is not known.

There are no opportunities for public comment at this time.

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