Bruneau Off-Range Corrals Owned by Simplot Livestock

The facility can accommodate 3,500 wild horses and burros on 80 acres, according to the Determination of NEPA Adequacy for the continuation of funding by the BLM.

The project appeared at ePlanning on December 20.

The company grazes cattle on public lands in Idaho and on allotments overlapping the Paisley Desert HMA in Oregon.

Imagine paying $1.35 to graze one cow/calf pair on public lands for one month, while collecting $5 per day ($150 per month) to care for the wild horse displaced thereby.

Simplot partnered with Caviness Beef Packers to form CS Beef Packers in 2014.

With the “S” denoting the involvement of Simplot in that operation, could that be a clue to the owners of the proposed off-range corrals near Winnemucca, NV, referred to in the Decision Record as JS Livestock?

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